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Hotshot Development Classes

In accordance with Tennis Australia's learn through play guidelines our Hotshots Tennis Program focuses on the child's development through each Red, Orange and Green phase. All of which have modified equipment to better suit their physical capabilities. 


Red Groups – 5 to 8 Years

Orange Groups – 8 to 10 Years

Green Stage – 10+ Years

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ANZ Tennis Hot Shots Program

Yellow Ball Squad

Children aged 14yrs and up or who have progressed through green ball and are ready to take their game to the next level. Throughout these squads we will delve into the beginning of advanced tactics and shots within the game of tennis. 

Yellow Ball squad - $20.00


Our Junior Coaching Program caters to children of all ages and tennis ability, from beginner to intermediate all the way up to your aspiring junior professionals, we have something for everyone. 


Group lessons are all in accordance with the Tennis Australia Hot Shots program and XLR8 Tennis Academy is proud to be a recognised deliverer of this national development pathway. Through this pathway we follow the recommended use of modified equipment, that of which is smaller racquets, smaller court size, and lower compression balls. 


XLR8 Tennis Academy also hosts Junior Fixtures throughout the year in order to give junior players practical match play experience amongst players of a similar age and ability.   

See below for a full list of our Junior Coaching services.

To enrol in any of our lessons click on the button below. 

Hot Shots Prices 

Currumbin Cubs - $14 / 30mins 

Red Ball - $18 / 45 mins 

Orange Ball - $20 / 1 hour 

Green Ball - $20 / 1 hour 

Private one on one lessons designed to give players the most opportunity to work on their technique and game with individualised sessions. Perfect for any player that is wanting to really develop their game or a brand new beginner who just needs the foundations!

*1 Hr - Member = $75 | Non-Member = $80 

*45min - Member = $60 | Non-Member = $65

*30min - Member = $45 | Non-Member = $50

Shared privates are perfect for groups of 2 or 3 who want more specific coaching rather than group lessons. These are Ideal for a small group of friends looking to improve their skillset rapidly as well as have fun with friends

  • ½ hour | 2 people $30 each | 3 people $20 each

  • 1 hour | 2 people $45 each | 3 people $30 each

Private Lessons

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